Crisis Residential Unit

A safe place for people in psychiatric crisis


Homeward Bound’s Crisis Residential Unit provides a short-term alternative to inpatient psychiatric hospitalization for people agreeing to participate in a recovery-oriented treatment environment focused on wellness.


The Crisis Residential Unit is a voluntary and interactive program for adults ages 18 and older who may be experiencing a mental health crisis or who may be chronically mentally ill and not improving on their own. It also serves as a step down unit from locked psychiatric units to a lower level of care in the community.


Any person in a mental health crisis will have the opportunity to be assessed for admission into the facility.


Services include:

• Psychiatric medication review

• Group therapy

• Skills groups

• Coordinated discharge planning




Referral procedure:


1. Call the crisis unit’s 24-hour line at 214-535-5618 to discuss funding options, bed availability, and the admission process.


2. Fax relevant clinical information to 214-389-1084 or 214-941-3517.


3. Admission and transport will then be confirmed by a staff member of the crisis unit.



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