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Here's why you should donate to Homeward Bound:


-- We serve 6,000-plus North Texans every year. Without us, they might not have the tools to recover. We treat people who don't have insurance or anywhere near the money it takes to get help.


-- When clients have completed our programs, we continue to support them with a thriving alumni group and resourceful coaches.


-- Our success rate is high. Eighty percent of our clients will finish treatment, while a study found less than 50 percent completed treatment nationwide.


-- We help 1,800 to 2,000 people each year in our crisis unit. These are people who have a mental illness in addition to a need for substance use disorder treatment.


-- Some 60 to 100 HIV-positive clients will stay with us 60 to 90 days.

These are adults who come from across the state. Once they are stabilized with medication and complete treatment, 75 percent have undetectable viral loads at discharge.


On top of these programs, we have an urgent need for a new facility. Our building is old and crowded, and we want to serve more people. We could use your help.



-- Douglas Denton

     Homeward Bound, Inc., Executive Director

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