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Resource Navigator Job Description

Job Description

As an AmeriCorps Recovery Resource Navigator, you'll play a pivotal role in our team, working directly with our clients during their inpatient stay. Your lived experiences will allow you to connect with our clients on a deep, empathetic level, guiding them through their journey to recovery.


• Serve in one of our seven units, working closely with unit counselors, Recovery Support Peer

Specialists, health care providers, and unit managers, engaging daily with a caseload of

approximately 10 clients per month.

• Collaborate with clients to develop personalized plans that leverage their recovery capital. This

includes areas such as stable housing, employment, financial awareness, social networks, and

community resources. Your role is instrumental in empowering our clients to overcome obstacles

and build independence.

• To ensure clients reach their goals, offer ongoing support through regular check-ins,

adjustments to their recovery plans as needed, and active encouragement. Provide training on

essential life skills and offer guidance on how to navigate various systems and processes.


• Stay informed about community resources and initiatives that can support clients' recovery and

personal growth. Dedicate time to researching and connecting with relevant organizations,

services, and opportunities, and relay this information to the clients you're supporting.

• Assist clients with practical necessities during recovery, such as obtaining identification

documents, crafting resumes, and connecting to job opportunities.

• Work closely with clients to create a post-discharge plan, which could include continued

treatment, securing housing and employment, or reconnecting with family. Continue to offer

support and resources post-discharge to facilitate the transition and ensure sustained progress.

Team Meeting


• High school graduate, GED recipient, or working toward attaining a high school diploma or GED during the term of service. Must agree to obtain either a diploma or GED before using an education award.

• Compassionate, resourceful individuals with lived experience related to mental health issues or substance abuse.

• For those going through recovery, we require 1 year of sobriety. If you were a client of

Homeward Bound Inc. (HBI) in the past, we require 2 years of sobriety and being 1 year

removed from your last service date.

• Ability to establish a positive rapport and communicate effectively with a diverse population.

• Experience or interest in social services, mental health, or substance abuse recovery fields is beneficial.


Image by Austin Distel

Gain invaluable experience and knowledge in the social services field, leveraging your lived experience to support others.

Team Portrait

Be a part of a close-knit team working towards a common goal.

Happy Portrait

Empower our clients to overcome obstacles, build independence, and pursue a healthier future.


Earn a living stipend while

making a significant difference in your community.

Service Term & Compensation

This member position will serve a minimum of 1700 hours during their term. For a 10-month

term of service, members would need to serve approximately 40 hours per week. However, we

offer the flexibility to complete your service term in 12 months by serving approximately 34

hours per week. Specific schedules will be arranged with your direct supervisor.


All members are expected to participate in AmeriCorps and position specific training. A vital

part of your onboarding will involve several weeks of comprehensive resource navigation

training. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to shadow in all our units to help you decide

where you best fit within our team. Your development is key to us; hence, we make it possible

for our members to become certified peer specialists through the State of Texas – a valuable

qualification that you can carry into your future career.

Members are also required to participate in national service days including 9/11 Day of Service,

MLK Day of Service, and National AmeriCorps Week.

Ready to Apply?

For consideration, please contact Luis Aguilar, AmeriCorps Program Manager, or submit your resume on Linkedin or Indeed.

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