Who we are.


Passionate About Inspiring Others

Our motto is “no shame, no guilt.”  Our clients have had enough shame and guilt already. We start from there. No matter how many times they’ve tried to get sober and failed, we’re here for them. If they don’t give up, we don’t either. 


Our treatment plans look at the whole person and what each one person needs for recovery. We ask: “What do you want?  Not what does Mama want. Not what does the judge want. What do you want?”

Most of our clients desperately want to get mentally stable and sober. Many problems stand in the way. Often their families have given up on them. They’ve lost jobs and homes. They come to us from the courts, from the jails, from the emergency rooms, from the streets.  


They think they have nothing to give. We don’t agree. Our second question is “What do you have that we can work with?” We call that recovery capital. Everyone has some. It might a mother who’s still praying for them. It might be a picture of children they love. It might be nothing more than a sleeping bag they call home.  


Recovery is one step at a time. Detoxification. Residential treatment. Outpatient treatment. Peer coaching that can continue for two years. Medical care. Housing. Jobs. Reuniting families.


Recovery is often one step forward and two steps backward, stumble and fall. That’s okay. If they don’t give up, we don’t either. When they do give up, our clients often come back ready to try again. And we’re there for them. Always.


Founded in 1980, Homeward Bound, Inc. has helped more than 150,000 people move toward sobriety. Now serving 18 counties in North Texas and 9 counties in Far West Texas, we are the largest, and one of the oldest and most respected not-for-profit substance abuse and mental health treatment agencies in Texas.


A large part of our mission has always been to divert people from going to jail or prison. Our founder and executive director, Douglas W. Denton, designed and operated the first jail diversion program in Texas – and one of the first in the nation. Homeward Bound, Inc., is the go-to resource for judges, attorneys, probation officers, public hospital emergency rooms and law enforcement officers


We provide intensive residential treatment on a 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week basis. Each client is assigned to a licensed counselor and a treatment team that manages treatment every step of the way – from detox to residential treatment to outpatient counseling, to support for re-entry to the outside world. We give clients the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual help they need to move to a full, healthy life.


Outpatient treatment sessions are available Tuesday through Saturday in the morning, afternoon and evening and include individual and group counseling, education about addiction, and training in the life skills needed for a productive life.


Twelve-step programs and peer counseling are integral parts of treatment. We also provide training for professionals seeking to maintain their licenses through continuing education and for people beginning their training as addiction specialists.


Intake assessments are conducted on a first-come-first-served basis from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. No appointment is necessary. For more information, call our main number at 214-941-3500 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays.


We accept private insurance, and we have federal, state, and private foundation grant funding to cover people who cannot pay for treatment.


Se habla español: Varios miembros de nuestro personal hablan español con fluidez, y ofrecemos un programa completo de idioma español en nuestras instalaciones en El Paso.