Our Staff

Douglas W. Denton, MA, LCDC, Executive Director

Mr. Denton has been the Executive Director of Homeward Bound, Inc., since the founding in 1980. Homeward Bound began as a pilot program for young first offenders in need of job placement, housing, and guidance. Under Doug’s leadership and vision, Homeward Bound has grown into one of Texas largest substance abuse and mental health treatment agencies in Texas with support from private donations, foundations and funding sources such as the North Texas Behavioral Health Authority, Texas Health and Human Services Commission, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, the City of Dallas, Dallas County, the Veterans Administration, El Paso County, MHMR of El Paso, and Health Maintenance Organizations. Mr. Denton was also one of the managing partners in a group developing psychiatric/substance abuse hospital units from 1987 to 1992. During his tenure with Dallas County, he managed the Treatment Alternatives to Street Crimes (TASC) program and the Community Resources Project in the Dallas County Jails. He was a senior research associate from 1974 to 1978 in the Institute of Urban Studies, and an Adjunct Instructor of Sociology, Criminal Justice, Grant Writing and Management, as well as Research and Statistics for the University of Texas at Arlington and the Dallas County Community College District.


Mr. Denton has held numerous leadership positions related to behavioral health policy in Texas, including Substance Abuse Representative to the Dallas County Behavioral Health Leadership Team, President of the Association of Substance Abuse Programs (ASAP), Provider Representative to the Department of State Health Services Texas Smoking Cessation Leadership Summit, Chairman of the Provider Advisory Council for the North Texas Behavioral Health Association, Texas Recovery Initiative Planning Council, and participant in both the Dallas and El Paso Areas Recovery Oriented Systems of Care. Mr. Denton holds a BA in Sociology and an MA in Urban Affairs (Criminal Justice Counseling and Administration). He is licensed by the State of Texas as a Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC).

Jeffrey R. Fuller, M.Div, LCDC, ADS     Assistant Director,

Director of Outpatient Services, and Human Resources Director

In addition to his leadership positions, Jeff still finds time to supervise staff training and continuing education. Jeff has been working for Homeward Bound for over 10 years. His experience in the chemical dependency and mental health fields brings to the table a real understanding of the co-occurring disorders of substance dependence and mental illness. Jeff has served as pastor of four congregations in Illinois, Kentucky, and Ohio. While in Texas he has gained extensive therapeutic experience in the areas of methadone treatment, residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment and family counseling.

Charlie Garcia, Program Director for Trinity Center, El Paso

Mr. Garcia became a member of the Homeward Bound, Inc., Trinity Center, El Paso staff in January 2007 after serving as outreach and admissions manager of an El Paso area psychiatric hospital.  Prior to that, he was Director of Intervention Services, then managed the outpatient clinic system of Rio Valle Recovery Center.  He has over 20 years of experience working in the chemical dependency and mental health fields.

Melissa Cade, LBSW, LCDC

Melissa Cade is Homeward Bound’s Clinical Director for residential Substance Use Disorder programs and Recovery Support Services.


Melissa began her professional career in 2009 as a case manager at the Union Gospel Mission working with women, children and families utilizing community resources to move out of homelessness.  She then took a position with Phoenix House of Texas in their Dallas Academy.  Starting as a Community Support Specialist, she completed her academic and training requirements for a Chemical Dependency Counselor in their outpatient treatment program.  In 2012, she took the position of counselor at Homeward Bound in the Men’s Residential Treatment program and assisted as a Qualified Mental Health Professional on the Psychiatric Crisis Residential Unit.  In 2013, Melissa became the Senior Counselor for the men’s program managing a staff of counselors, interns and support staff.  She assumed the position of Clinical Program Director in 2016 overseeing the Detoxification Unit and programs for men, women and those who are HIV+.  In 2017, we were awarded a grant for Recovery Support Services and more recently, the Texas Targeted Opioid Response.  With Melissa’s oversight and management, it has become one of the most successful recovery efforts in the State.

Karla Sweet, LCDC, LPC

Karla Sweet is Homeward Bound’s Clinical Director for Mental Health Services and Mental Health Peer Services.


Karla began her mental health career in 2010 as a counselor at The Phoenix Houses of Texas working with adolescents and families utilizing community resources to substance abuse and psychiatric issues.  She moved to the position of Practice Manager in the residential unit then provided leadership in the Outpatient Program.  In 2014, Karla took the position of Intake and Referral Supervisor for Hickory Trails Hospital, a private psychiatric facility in the greater Dallas area.   In 2014, she also began part-time as a counselor in the Co-Occurring Psychiatric/Substance Use Disorder (COPSD) program at Homeward Bound attached to the Residential Treatment programs and assisted on the Psychiatric Crisis Residential Unit.  In 2016, Karla became the Unit Manager for the Crisis Residential Unit managing a staff of counselors, interns and support staff.  She assumed the position of Clinical Director for Mental Health Services in late 2016 as Homeward Bound expanded to other outpatient psychiatric services with the local Behavioral health authority’s designation as a Comprehensive Mental Health Provider.  In 2018, we were awarded a grant for Mental Health-Peer Services.

Homeward Bound is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to substance abuse treatment for men and women of every income level.

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