Recovery Support Services

Planning for the future

Recovery coaches assist clients throughout their stay with us and as inpatient treatment is coming to an end. It is the recovery coach who helps with re-entry into the world, finding community resources to help with housing, medical care, and job training.


What does a recovery coach do?


  • Holds out hope and builds motivation

  • Listens empathetically; places self in recoveree’s shoes

  • Shares personal experiences to promote hope

  • Serves as a mentor, advocate, consultant, and collaborator

  • Collaborates with other team members to coordinate care

  • Provides practical problem-solving skills

  • Assertively connects people to needed community resources

  • Supports the identification of recovery/life goals

  • Provides public speaking and advocacy on behalf of recoverees

  • Assists with identifying strategies that will help meet recovery goals, establishing milestones to measure progress, developing skills and strategies to stay on course, and creating contingency plans for times when things don't go as planned

  • Conducts assertive outreach and early re-engagement

  • Provides sustained support before, during and after treatment episodes

  • Provides support in people's natural community contexts to promote community integration


What is the goal of recovery coaching?


Coaches improve quality of life, reduce substance use, increase recovery capital, increase treatment engagement, access, retention, completion and early re-engagement, and increase sustained recovery.


Who gets recovery coaching?


Recovery coaching is available to anyone in our programs and program graduates.

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