Statewide HIV Program

Our 60-day treatment program is the only residential program in Texas specifically designed to treat HIV-positive men and women seeking treatment for substance abuse problems.


Our goal is to return clients to complete health and sobriety. We are so successful that the majority of our clients leave with viral loads so low that the virus is undetectable. They also leave with the knowledge that they are supported and cared about. The sense of community and acceptance they gain is vital to their future. Preparing them to re-enter society as fully functioning members of the community is an essential part of our treatment plan.


We make outside medical appointments and accompany our clients to them. Our nurses are on-site 24 hours a day. Our therapeutic approach includes evidence-based practices such as motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy and a coping strategy called Seeking Safety. We address every aspect of their lives, helping them learn life skills, providing recreational activities, introducing them to sober activities that will enrich their lives. Our program also includes family systems counseling, which involves family members, partners, and clients’ children, as appropriate. We address employment, as well as housing needs.


Please contact our statewide HIV office at 214-941-3500 for additional information on admission to the statewide HIV program.

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