Trinity Center in El Paso

A Complete, Bilingual Treatment Center

Trinity Center of El Paso is a bilingual substance abuse treatment center that offers a complete program. Admissions are accepted daily.


Clients participate in a wide range of daily activities, including Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and individual and group therapy with licensed counselors. Other activities may include meditation and recreation.


Trinity Center offers:


  • Crisis Residential – intense treatment for people who are experiencing a mental health crisis. This level of treatment can be appropriate for people who have been diagnosed with co-occurring psychiatric and substance abuse disorders.

  • Residential Detoxification – A structured environment for clients who are physically dependent on alcohol and other drugs. Clients are medically monitored for safe withdrawal.

  • Outpatient Services – Group and individual counseling are part of our outpatient program. All include, but are not limited to, life skills and anger management.

  • Intensive Residential – Treatment in our residential setting for 28 days that facilitates recovery from substance dependence, based on the Department of State Health Services Client Placement Guidelines.

Homeward Bound is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to substance abuse treatment for men and women of every income level.

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