Women’s Residential Program

A safe place to get well

In our 16-bed residential program, women 18 and older are given the kind of wrap-around care that changes lives forever. Our 14- to 28-day residential treatment program begins with an assessment of physical and mental health. Our full-time, on-site physician and 24-hour nurses are trained in addiction recovery. Sometimes medications are needed to ease a client away from addiction, but addiction also takes a toll on overall health. When our clients need medical assessments and treatments from specialists outside Homeward Bound’s treatment facility, we help with appointments and transportation.


Additional counseling, psychiatric evaluations, and medication management are available for clients who are dually diagnosed with substance use disorder and mental illness. Many of our clients have suffered tragedies, physical injury, and psychological traumas. To help them, we practice what's called trauma-informed care.


Clients participate in 30 hours of addiction education, life skills training and counseling every week. Our programs are based on evidence-based treatment protocols that include parenting skills, anger management techniques and education for coping with mental illness and PTSD. Our therapists help clients set individualized goals that include identifying and resisting the triggers that cause them to use drugs or alcohol.


Clients are also provided with individual counseling to help them set and meet treatment plan goals, and to help them change addictive patterns. Intense care management links women with an array of services such as specialized medical care, education, employment, and safe, sober housing. All clients are linked with Recovery Support Services for continuing support after completing residential treatment.

Homeward Bound is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to substance abuse treatment for men and women of every income level.

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