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Dallas Deflects is Homeward Bound’s newest venture aimed at deflecting low level offenders to treatment instead of jail. Dallas Deflects is a partnership between the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, Public Defender’s Office, Dallas Police Department, North Texas Behavioral Health Authority (NTBHA), Parkland Hospital, and Homeward Bound Inc. to stop the cycle of arrests, detentions, and hospitalizations for people with mental illness and co-occurring substance use disorders.


In Dallas, the Dallas County Jail is one of the main treatment centers for people with mental illnesses who are involved in the criminal justice system. The Dallas County Jail is the second largest mental health treatment facility in the state of Texas.

Dallas Deflects will prevent individuals who are charged with certain low-level, non-violent misdemeanor offenses, such as criminal trespassing, from entering the criminal justice system. Treatment will reduce costs associated with repeatedly incarcerating individuals suffering from mental illness and reduce the number of emergency psychiatric visits from these individuals. Even brief periods in jail cause significant life challenges for people with mental illness such as jeopardizing employment opportunities, housing, and benefits. 


Homeward Bound’s facility at our University Hills location will provide 24-48 hour observation and short-term crisis respite beds for these individuals, including integrated care and individual treatment plans to assist with stabilization. Peer support workers will greet individuals as they are brought in by law enforcement officers and assist and advocate for the individual based on their specific needs. 


Dallas Deflects will provide clients a trauma-informed case management plan that includes a comprehensive discharge plan where the client receives a wide-range of community-based health and social services administered from Parkland Hospital and Homeward Bound, Inc. After the short stay in the center, the individual will be handed off to appropriate levels of care needed for longer term treatment as necessary.


The Deflection Center is set to open for services on June 1, 2022.  Read more about the Deflection Center below:

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