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At Homeward Bound, we believe that every person deserves treatment tailored to their needs.


Our long-term, residential care offers a safe, drug-free atmosphere and an individualized treatment plan that prevents relapse. Our 130-bed inpatient facility for men, women, and people who are living with HIV offers a variety of behavioral health services, including group therapy and life skills training. Treatment is individualized to provide a comfortable, supportive environment for those in recovery.

COVID-19 Visitation Policy

Visitation is currently by appointment only. Only 2 people, including children, are allowed to visit in one 30-minute time slot. Visitors must be on time to access the full time slot. Individuals who are more than 10-minutes late will not be allowed to visit in their time slot. Additionally, visitors are required to wear face masks and follow Homeward Bound rules and regulations. 


Our lobby is open Monday thru Friday from 8am to 5pm. Admissions are first come, first served from 8am to 4pm and beds are limited based on availability. The lobby and intake offices are closed on weekends.   
Clients in our residential program typically stay between 14 to 90 days, depending on the program they qualify for. Screenings to determine eligibility can be done in person Monday thru Friday or scheduled over the phone. We currently are working off of a wait list to admit people but are in communication with potential clients on a weekly basis.

This service is offered at our Dallas - University Hills and our El Paso locations.



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