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Real Talk: Jail Deflection Center

Homeward Bound, Inc. is proud to announce our new jail deflection center, Dallas Deflects, to stop those with low-level misdemeanors and mental illness from going to prison. The idea of jail deflection has been around for a while, but the resources to actually execute the vision are fairly new. Homeward Bound’s Dallas Deflects program will be the second deflection center in the state after The Harris County Diversion Program in Houston. Even though there is a rough blueprint, the groundbreaking service in the DFW area will solve so many problems that will benefit the entire community.

Texas jails are the largest mental health institutions in the state. Local law enforcement officers spend countless hours jailing mentally ill people who are little more than public nuisances. After they stay in jail for a few days, they’re on the streets again. Deflection eases the stress off of the prison system and law enforcement officers.

All too often jail leads to prison. Thirty percent of the Texas prison population are struggling with mental health disorders. Public spending skyrockets. Peace officers are overwhelmed. Public safety is diminished. Deflection eases the stress off of the general public’s funds and spaces.

Because physical abuse, sexual violence, and solitary confinement are more likely for people with behavioral health problems than for other inmates, these confused, helpless people become more severely traumatized and victimized every time police take them in. Deflection eases the stress off of the individuals themselves, giving them places to stay and heal for good.

Homeward Bound and a powerful line-up of community partners are excited to finally provide the resources Dallas needs to ease the stressors of so many people and see the positive effects of accessible mental health resources in our community.

Read more about our deflection center here:


Homeward Bound Inc. is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization based in North and Far West Texas that provides comprehensive inpatient and outpatient substance use disorder and mental healthcare treatment. If you or a loved one are struggling with a substance use disorder or having a mental health crisis, please call Homeward Bound at 214-941-3500.

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