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Real Talk: Medication Assisted Treatment

One of the treatment options at Homeward Bound is Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). The MAT program uses prescription Buprenorphine to help an individual’s specific needs when it comes to recovery. Let’s dispel some common (and harmful) myths about MAT.

Myth #1:

You will test positive for opiates while taking Buprenorphine.


Buprenorphine does not cause drug screening tests to come back positive for opiate use.

Myth #2:

Buprenorphine means I am just substituting one drug for another.


When used as directed, Buprenorphine is a medication NOT a drug. The effects have a ceiling and will create stability and long lasting effects in the body.

Myth #3:

Resulting to Buprenorphine is “giving up.”


Addiction is a medical disease, not a moral failure. Treatment with medication allows for stabilization in opioid receptors so you can make lifestyle changes.

Myth #4:

Buprenorphine is incompatible with 12-step programs.


Many programs use MAT in combination with 12-step facilitation. Distinguishes are made between medications used as prescribed and substance abuse.

Myth #5:

You can get “high” on Buprenorphine.


Intoxication does not occur if you are dependent on opioids. Intoxication only occurs when taken with other substances or when taken improperly.

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I want to see pict of the Dallas and Denton locations please. I wi be going through Life Path. Thank you in advance.

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